Dancing Dog Gin

The one that started the dream to create the best hand-crafted spirits in the Northwest. A truly modern and vibrant London style gin with a bold juniper flavor laced with the warmth of coriander, cardamom, and orris root, layered with the refreshing flavors of lavender and chamomile, and finished with the cleanliness of grapefruit and lemon peel. Perfect on the rocks or in a classic cocktail, this gin makes an impression. And because the dog on the label is our beloved Candy, a rescued Boston terrier/pug mix, 50 cents of every bottle of Dancing Dog Gin purchased is donated to the Oregon Humane Society.

2016 Denver International Spirit Competition
2015 San Francisco World Spirit Competition
2016 San Francisco World Spirit Competition
2015 Washington Cup Spirit Competition

Búsqueda Aged Rum

Búsqueda means “the search” in Spanish. We searched for the best aged rum we could make. We found it when we put our beautifully made Land Legs Rum in American oak barrels and gave it time. The result—almost magical—an oaky, sweet rum with vanilla and leather flavors perfect on its own, or on the rocks and not too shabby in Hemingway daiquiris or with Coke. We wanted this label to be elegant like the rum inside the bottle. We were inspired by the rain forests of Puerto Rico and Juan Ponce de León’s search for the Fountain of Youth. However, unlike the elusive Fountain of Youth, we found our rum—Búsqueda. And we are very proud of it!

Covered Peak Vodka

Our grain-based vodka distilled six times and charcoal filtered is smooth, clean, and neutral—just perfect for mixing in your favorite cocktails. The grain gives it a faint sweetness that pairs wonderfully with all kinds of mixers. Covered Peak has enough bite to tell you it’s there, but very little burn–it is perfect for Bloody Marys or Moscow Mules. And, did you see its gorgeous label? We are proud of Oregon and wanted a label that celebrated the region that has welcomed us as we settled into the beautiful northwest.

Land Legs Rum

We are very proud of our rum. There. We said it. It is distilled in small batches using American cane sugar. The result is a classic Puerto Rican style rum—smokey, rich, spicy—perfect for making mojitos, daiquiris, caipirissima (same as caipirinhas but made with silver rum) or old plain Cuba libres (rum and Coke). Although, if you asked us, as with all our spirits, Land Legs is delish just on its own.

2016 San Francisco World Spirit Competition
2016 Denver International Spirit Competition
2015 Washington Cup Spirit Competition




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About Flooded Fox Den

Flooded Fox Den Distillery spirits are produced in Forest Grove, Oregon, using a small, single batch process that allows the flavor and quality of each bottle to be precisely controlled. We only use the finest natural ingredients, and shun artificial flavorings or coloring. Each bottle is numbered by hand, because we are extremely proud of what we do. While our spirits are top shelf quality we harked back to a time when we couldn't afford fine spirits and want more to people to enjoy fine, craft made spirits.


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